About Me...
My name is Jessica Courville; I am a junior at the University of South Alabama. I am currently majoring in secondary science education. I hope to one day become a high school biology teacher. Later in life I hope to become a junior college marine biology professor.
I have lived in six states, and Washington DC. I have attended schools in each of these completely different places. I attended a privet elementary Catholic school in Maryland and DC, a low income elementary and middle school in VA, a blue ribbon middle school in Rhode Island one of the most culturally diverse high schools in Seaside California, to another blue ribbon high school in Ocean Spring Mississippi. I believe with all the different sytles of learning I experinced, I will be able to teach any type of student.
As a future teacher I hope to bring biology to life for my students. I want my students to see more than biology in a text book or on an old Bill Nye the Science Guy movie. I plan on making my classroom a place where my students can escape from everyday life and enter into a world of endless opportunities filled with endless learning.
As a future a teacher I believe teaching can be done in tons ways. I believe in hands on actives, group work, and examples based on real life are some of the best. I was heavily influenced by my ninth grade biology teacher and my AP biology. We never used texts book in their classes however we used technology. From power points, to microscopes that hook up to the computer. My AP biology teacher was very hands on and I loved it. I hope to do the same. From making cell pizzas to dissecting sharks, worms, pigs and interacting with my classmates to breed our own genetically altered DNA for plants. I do hope to use more technology in my classroom, actually I hope that my students will be able to access class notes, blogs and the internet right from their seats.
My Teaching Philosophy
As a future teacher I value my morals very highly. As a future teacher I want my students to value their morals just as high. I want student to understand the meaning of respect. I also want them to understand in order to gain and receive respect they must show respect. Communication is a major role in my future classroom. I want the student's success to be the GOAL of the PARTNERSHIP between the student, parents, and myself as the teacher. With saying that my goal as a teacher is to support the growth mind set. Each student deserves the right to feel comfortable using their creativity. Hands on learning will help each student to be creative. Hands on learning will not use help teach student but in will help them understand the material in the real word. Finally as a future teach I plan on using Google documents, and itunes U to help my student move forward towards their success.


Respect is the most important factor of my philosophy. I want to teach my students respect. I want student to realize that respecting others because of their diversities will help in their success in the future. In order to gain and receive respect I want student to realize they must show respect. Respect gains trust, and trust and loyalties bring better opportunities.

iTunes U

As a future teacher I believe itunes university will be a wonderful tool in my classroom. My students will be able to access learning materials, lessons, and podcast from all over the world. My students will be able to access itunes U from any computer, or mobile phone. Students will be able to use itune U from anywhere and at anytime. Itunes U takes learning out of the classroom, and lets student carry it with them.

Hands on Learning

Hands on learning is very important to me. Not every student learns the same; so in my classroom I want their to be a lot of hands on learning. I believe a student can retain information better if they actually can see or feel how something works. Hands on learning is kind of like putting a puzzle together. I want my student not use learn the concepts but to understand the concepts in the real world. I believe hands on learning can not just teach my students but help them understand the concepts.

Growth Mind Set

As a future teacher I want to encourage every single one of my student to have a growth mind set. I want all my student to be able to understand that the is a muscle and will grow stronger over time, the more they use it. I want each student to feel comfortable expressing their creativity. My goal to encourage all my student to find their own passion and to be comfortable doing it.

Google Docs

As a future teacher I want my student to be well prepared. By doing so I want my student to be able to reach and open all doc, home work, and papers from anywhere. I believe Google documents will be a very useful tool to fulfill my goal. The dog ate my Homework, or my printer is out of ink excuse will no longer work. Each and every student will be able to do all assignments on Google documents. Google documents can be opened from any computer; as long as one has internet access.


I believe the success of a student depends on communication. I believe a teacher should have good communication with the student and their parents. It is not only the teacher job to have the student on the right track but also the parents. I believe having parent teacher meeting, e-mails, and phone calls will continue to keep the student pressing forward. Its a team goal for the student to succeed. I want my student's and their parents to contribute to the success of the future.